“Love is the only sane and satisfactory solution to the problem of human existence.” - Eric Fromm.



 Relationships are at the center of our lives and can be either the source of our greatest happiness or our deepest pain.  Loving relationships offer us a way to overcome and give meaning to life's inevitable challenges. Your partner reflects back to you both your faults and your potential to be the best you can be. Our intimate relationships often evoke the drama from our family of origin, which if unattended can have us unconsciously replaying a game that does not reflect our values or who we want to be. To provide structure to my work with couples I draw heavily from the Gottman Curriculum, the most scientifically validated research on marriage. It provides concrete tools that you can immediately begin applying in your relationship and working toward together.

You and your spouse will learn the scientifically proven Gottman method of communicating and resolving your conflicts in a safe environment. If their was an infidelity we will work to regain trust, reconnect and become closer through your shared suffering. Marriage and committed relationships have the potential to be powerful vehicles for growth and healing when both partners approach it consciously. I have been married to my best friend since 2003 and know from personal experience that even the best marriages challenge us to grow beyond our ego on a daily basis.

Sean gave us the space we needed and so many great tools that we now rely on to make our relationship much healthier and more successful. We owe our happiness to him!
— Staci

Gottman curiculmn

  • Have you experienced an infidelity in your relationship? Infidelity is a traumatic experience but it does not have to be the end of your relationship or happiness.  
  • Have the demands of modern life left you neglecting what matters?
  • Has intimacy and romance twindled leaving you unfurfiled and disconnected?
  • Is financial stress tearing you and your partner apart? Money is more then just what you can buy, it's about values.
  • Are you embarking on the beginning of a new relationship and want to lay a solid foundation? 
  • Learn how to address issues in a way your partner can hear with Gentle Startup.
  • Give up needing to be right and winning argument. Neither gets you closer to your partner. Practice defenselessness.
  • Listen to understand your partner point of view and validate their experience .
  • You don't have to agree but you have to find a way to compromise around the edges while maintaining your core values
  • Learn how to speak your partners Love Language and reconnect in intimacy and passion.