"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." Victor Frankl

Sharing in the process of another's growth and awakening is my passion. My goal as a counselor is to leave you with a greater sense of freedom and empowerment to live fuller and richer lives. I view therapy and life coaching as a collaborative process where I act as a guide and facilitator providing you with a platform for self discovery through dialogue, new ways of understanding your experience and the necessary tools to go beyond your current struggles. Together we will identify dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors that act as blocks to your growth and happiness. While I employ several evidence based practices such as Self Authoring, Mindfulness, Cognitive Therapy, and for couples, Gottman inspired marriage counseling; underlying any of these techniques is an appreciation for the finite nature of life and our responsibility to create meaning through the choices we make. 



I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I have been fortunate to come from a family that despite conflict knew how to love well and instilled in me an ethic of service. A close brink with death as a young man became the catalyst for a spiritual awakening that led me on a search for meaning, grappling with life's fundamental questions. These experiences inspired an existential approach to life and a career as a counselor helping to guide others on their journey in life.

I graduated from Seattle Universities Masters program in Existential Psychology in 2008 and afterward worked for the John Gottman research group Loving Couples Loving Children. This laid the foundation for my private practice where I see a mix of both couples and individuals. My therapeutic style varies from direct to indirect depending on the context of our work and I tailor my approach to each individual client based upon their needs. Structured therapeutic techniques such as mindfulness based cognitive therapy, or the Gottman curriculum for couples, are balanced with open ended dialogue and the Socratic method.