Here is a list of resources that I have found to be helpful in providing support to the work we do in session. While therapeutic dialogue and present centered processing in our sessions is highly valuable, what you take out into your life outside of our sessions is ultimately what matters. This is part of taking responsibility for your own health and happiness and a recognition that their is only so much we can address in a weekly hour session. Engaging with this material on your own time between sessions is a part of what determines the pace of your progress.  It is important for me as a Clinician to provide you with the most up to date date science and tools for you to address your problems. 

Self Authoring

Self Authoring is a type of narrative therapy that aligns with my existential approach to psychotherapy where you are called to be the author of your own life. It is an empirically validated online program that asks a series of very specific questions about who you are, where you came from, and where you want to go. There are three modules broken down into past, present, and future and is on sale at self I often request you do the present module first to assess your personality, for strengths and weaknesses. The process of dialogue and reflecting through writing has been proven to facilitate self awareness and create lasting positive change especially for anyone searching for a direction in life.


the science of love


In my work with couples I draw heavily from these three books above. Gottman's research contains the most empirically validated data on what works and what doesn't in relationships. While he has written man books, 10 Lessons to Transform your Marriage is the one I recommend to my clients as it contains exercises and read along portions for you and your spouse to do together. Sue Johnson built on Gottmans research with Emotion Focused Therapy drawing heavily from attachment theory address the underlying emotional issues that are at the center of every relationship. 



Cognitive Therapy

mindfulness therapy