Mindfulness Based Therapy for Bellevue & the greater Eastside
My goal as a counselor is to help facilitate mindful valued living. I employ a mindfulness based cognitive therapy called ACT or Acceptance Commitment Therapy. Very simply accept what is out of your control and commit to taking action that improves your life. Accept your thoughts and feelings while being present. Choose a valued direction. Take action.

Be present. Open up. Do What matters.
Mindfulness is an awareness process and not a thinking process. It is an attitude of openness and curiosity where we wake up and connect with ourselves so that our actions may be guided and aligned with our core values. It is the art and pursuit of living consciously.

"What we resist persists
The human mind is a double edged sword where normal psychological processes often become destructive and our own struggle to remove the problem often creates more suffering. In our work together we will attempt to change your relationship to your own mind rather then continue to struggle with eliminating problematic thoughts or uncomfortable experience.