Marriage Counseling for Bellevue and the greater Eastide
Gottman Informed Marriage Counseling
I have been certified as proficient in the Gotteman based curriculum Loving Couples Loving Children. I draw heavily from John Gotteman's research in my work with couples to cultivate lasting fulfilled relationships. Here are a few of the skills that you will work on with your spouse.
  • Learn to cultivate a culture of appreciation, build what John Gotteman calls "Love Maps."
  • Learn how to overcome destructive patterns of relating such as contempt, criticism, and defensiveness.
  • Learn the communication skills that let you have a healthy productive conflict. Learn how to compromise around the edges while retaining your deepest values.

Beyond learning specific skills and modes of relating, I work to create a safe environment where emotional needs and wounds can be expressed in a healthy manner that will provide the opportunity to develop greater trust and intimacy.
Pre-marital counseling
Fifty percent of all marriages in the US result in divorce. Yet research shows that premarital counseling reduces the risk of divorce by up to thirty percent. Research has also shown that there are certain types of communication and behavior patterns that lead to successful marrigae, and others that result in disaster. Don't wait for your marriage to become a disaster before seeking help. A little education and skill building lays the foundation for a successful marriage before you reach the point of crisis.