Sharing in the process of another's awakening and growth is my passion. I view therapy and life coaching as a collaborative process where I act as a guide and facilitator providing you with both new ways of understanding your experience and the necessary tools to grow beyond your current struggles. Together we will identify dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors that act as blocks to your growth and happiness. My goal is to leave you with a greater sense of freedom and empowerment to live fuller and richer lives.

Symptoms such as anxiety or depression are often a sign calling us to address something that has gone array so we can fulfill our potential. In our work together we will do more than just address your symptoms; we will explore the context, history, and beliefs that are contributing to your situation.

Sean has lived in the Pacific Northwest all his life. He was called to do this work after a close brush with death that led to a spiritual awakening in the year 2000. He graduated from Seattle University's esteemed graduate program in Existential-Phenomenological Counseling Psychology in 2008 and has been in private practice ever since. He has been happily married to his loving wife since 2003 and attributes much of their success to the skills he learned working as a facilator in the John Gottman research program. Sean is also a black belt assistant instructor in the art of Brazilian Jui-Jitsu.